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If you are thinking about investing on real estate somewhere in the Caribbean then the best answer for you would be Belize real estate properties.Just how open is Belize with investments? Belize is actually welcoming foreign investors to put down their money on real estate in this developing country. By far, Belize is the most progressive nation in Central America, and its real estate market has experienced a surge on sales over the past decade. While at the same time, the arrival of tourists in the country per annum has greatly increased since 1998.In Central America, the expatriate capital is in fact Belize. Having an increasing population of expatriates, this country has a very diverse population. You will be surprised with the different locals from varying backgrounds mingle and live in peace. Despite the mix of races, the crime rate in Belize is pretty low and the ancient Mayan tribes are still surviving and living in their own traditional ways without harming nature.Affordability is one great factor that makes Belize real estate the most coveted properties in Central America. Purchasing a beachfront property here won’t have to mean you should empty your life savings. People who thought they don’t have the ability to own a vacation home anywhere were actually able to own one here!The economy of Belize is pretty stable, and their currency is pegged to the US dollars with a ratio of 2 Belizean dollars to 1 US dollar. Investors don’t have to worry about capital gains tax or inheritance tax since these things don’t exist in Belize. The property tax here is very low and only amounts to about 1% of the total worth of an undeveloped land. That is why Belize is considered as a tax haven. They have less to no taxes when it comes to investors.Retirees also have a lot of benefits if they want to invest on a retirement future in Belize. The Qualified Retired Person program gives them the incentives and perks of being exempted from taxes such as income tax and import tax. They can also include their spouse and dependents in the program, if that wasn’t enough, while the requirement to qualify is pretty minimal that you only have to be at least 45 years of age to apply.There are a lot of developments here in Belize such as newly paved roads and additional constructions like an airport. The number of communities has also increase for people looking for vacation homes or a home to live in permanently.The best community to invest on would be Sanctuary Belize. Bearing the most attractive natural environment and luxurious homes at affordable prices, who wouldn’t want to have their own piece of paradise here?Sanctuary Belize has world-class amenities such as a private resort and spa that caters to residents and guests from their very own five boutique hotels within the community. They also provide a Caribbean life in paradise with the convenience of urban living. So, why not be open on investing in Belize real estate?

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