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Truly there is no trick to viral marketing, no strange equations such as those found in SEO strategies. All that is necessary is to get people talking about your website, emailing about your website and just generally creating a buzz.Every website owner should certainly include one or more of the following in his or her own e-commerce game-plan.1. Email SignatureThis is certainly the quickest and most simple method of ‘infecting’ the e-world with your message.Attach a message both intriguing and explanatory, with perhaps a touch of humor if it fits your niche.Then, just get into contact with others; compliment other website owners on their site design, offer advice or opinions, or ask a question.The key is to make your email memorable or valuable, so as that the receiver of the email may pass it on to a friend or business contact.One gold nugget of advice here is to build a list of business contacts. Such a list is easy to build via the usage of forums or online communities.From there, just keep your eye open for tools or articles which you feel may interest your contacts.Don’t spam your contacts!Just offer them value and a neat little signature back to your website! 2. Offer Something For FreeOne of the most searched for words on the internet today is: Free.Every second website we encounter offers us something for free because that little four letter word is what catches the prey. Free newsletters are abound, to the point where we now hate to subscribe, we would actually need to be paid to subscribe at times.If from your website you can offer something of great value to your visitors, for free, you can set the virus free quite efficiently.Think ebook, ezine, member-only resource center, screensaver and desktop downloads.Find a way, always, to imbed a link, or preferably many links, to your website within whatever you are offering.3. Article WritingWriting articles and posting them on article distribution sites is actually a form of viral marketing.Why?Because if you have a good article, it will eventually end up distributed all around the net, all after you spending an hour writing and posting the article. Simple!The process is simple:Write an excellent article, full of profitable keywords and post it to numerous article distribution sites.Slowly, as people find and republish your articles, the number of links pointing into your site will grow, as will your most important brand; your name. 4. Affiliate ProgramsSo, can you pay to have other people ‘viralize’ your marketing?Yes.This blessing comes in the name of Affiliate Programs.The wonderful part of it, of course, is that you only pay if it works!Of course, you need a product to sell, as the method of payment to your affiliate is offered in the form of a percentage of the sale which they have created. Ergo, you need a product or service to sell. 5. Make it easy for visitors to bookmark and recommend your siteThis is also a very simple tactic to use and implement.It may not get you amazing results as it is a very passive form of marketing.However, it is good to make bookmarking and recommending your site as easy as possible for your visitor. In closing, it should be noted that the benefits of a viral marketing campaign cannot be reaped straight away; patience is required.Those who are patient, and keep slowly working away on their plan, will realize just how powerful a good viral marketing campaign can be.

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