Natural removal tips for Wart

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Apply the white milk from the green leafy weed that grows in your garden and in your lawn, “ragwort”. Dot the white milky liquid on the wart every day, it will eventually turn black and fall off.The second was painting clear nail vanish, one coat every day, over the wart and the same thing happens.

If it’s a small wart, you could use Eucalyptus oil and cover it with the oil overnight for several weeks

Treatment is aimed at destruction of the warty growths rather than elimination of the virus.Subclinical infection probably is lifelong, and there is no cure. Most partners are likely to be subclinically infected with HPV, even if they do not have exophytic lesions.

Garlic for Warts and Moles: Here is a very successful routine for removal of these unwanted growths called moles, or warts. Take a button of garlic, slice or cut in two, and placed the cup area over a wart of mole. Tape it on, and as it dries out put a fresh piece. Many users have reported good results.

Loop electrocautery excisional procedure (LEEP) after colposcopic biopsy has become a standard procedure for cervical lesions particularly for the ones with neoplastic features. Removal of a very large mass of warts is a painful procedure, best performed under either general or spinal anesthesia.Carbon dioxide laser is an efficient method of treating primary and recurrent anogenital warts because of its precision and rapid healing without scarring.Primary cure rates as high as 91% have been reported.

Go to a beauty parlour where they do threading. Ask the person to use the thread and tie it under ur wart. She should be able to tie a knot between ur skin and wart. With this the blood will not pass through the wart and it will fall withing 7-10 days.

Cut a slice of fresh garlic and tape it over the wart. Keep it covered for 24 hours. The wart will turn black and fall off. If it doesn’t work the first day, repeat. garlic is antibacterial, antiviralFeature Articles, antifungal and totally awesome.

Crush an aspirin. Apply a drop of water to the wart (for stickiness) and apply aspirin powder generously. Put a bandage on it. Repeat twice a day until gone.