Human Papilloma Virus Symptoms

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What is do human papilloma virus symptoms look like?Depending on the location of the human papilloma virus infection will determine what the symptoms look like.  Most often the virus will cause warts on the skin.  Warts on the soles of the feet or palms of the hands grow inward and will be a hardened area.  These warts are commonly referred to as plantar or seed warts.  Warts that grow outward can develop anywhere on the body and include areas such as the back of the hand, mouth and the genitalia.  Human papilloma virus that is contracted by a woman from her sexual partner can cause lesions on the cervix (within the vagina) and lead to cancer. Infection with the human papilloma virus is one of the leading causes of cervical cancer in women.How are human papilloma virus symptoms spread from person to person?The human papillomavirus is one of the most commonly spread viruses between people.  The virus is spread easily by skin contact with a person who has the virus.  Skin contact can be from touching the outer skin or from touching the mucous membranes of an infected person.  Sexual intercourse with an infected person can spread the virus.  Many people carry the virus and are symptom free, passing the virus to others without ever knowing it.How do I know if I have human papilloma virus symptoms?If you have a lesion on the skin that is resembles a wart, it is probably caused by the human papilloma virus.  A woman can protect herself from cancer and determine if she is infected with the virus by having a yearly pap smear performed.  Gynecologists recommend any woman who is sexually active  be screened every year.Is there a treatment for human papilloma virus symptoms?Warts caused by the human papilloma virus are usually removed.  Removal can be achieved by freezing, surgical incision or use of an over the counter treatment such as salicylic acid based wart treatments. Cervical lesions caused by human papilloma virus require intervention form a doctor.  Genital warts are treated with trichloroacetic acid to burn them off.Do certain things make me at risk for human papilloma virus symptoms?The single most thing that increases a person’s risk for infection with the human papilloma virus is engaging in unprotected sex (not using a condom) and having more than one sexual partner. Another factor that can contribute is poor hygiene practices.Is there a cure for human papilloma virus symptoms?No cure exists for human papilloma virus symptoms.  Prevention is the best way to prevent symptoms. Wart removal does not guarantee the virus will not return and warts develop again.How can I prevent human papilloma virus symptoms?You can help prevent symptoms by practicing good hand washing and avoid touching the skin of someone with visible lesions or warts.  You should use a condom when having sexual intercourse.  A vaccination is available to prevent infections.  The vaccination is being recommended for all adolescents, both male and female.Source: Free Articles from

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