Avail the benefits of using Famvir for an effective herpes virus treatment

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article elaborates the advantages of using Famvir for infection
caused by herpes simplex virus. It also tells you the way it
functions within the physical system of an infected person.

all the medications that are used for herpes virus treatment, a very
powerful and effective treatment option is Famvir. This medication is
equally effective in treating the symptoms caused by either strain of
herpes simplex virus (type 1 and 2). While the type 2 of the virus
causes a highly contagious sexually transmitted infection, genital
herpes, the type 1 strain leads to cold sores and shingles. Proper
administration of this antiviral medication may not only reduce the
complications caused by this virus but also helps an infected person
to recover earlier. The expansive range of Famvir strengths makes it
simpler for physicians to prescribe the right dosage to the patients
of the herpes infection with different levels of severity.

advantages of using Famvir:

main benefit of using FamvirĀ for genital herpes treatment is its
prompt effectiveness that stops symptoms created by this virus from
spreading further. A single dosage of this medication can start
showing its impact within 24 hours since the time of ingestion. If
you take this medication within 24 hours since the time the symptoms
of your infection first appeared, you will be able to receive the
best benefits. If you take this medication after 72 hours, it will
take some time till the medicinal properties start providing you with
the desired relief. The right strength of Famvir dosage will not only
stop the symptoms of an infection from appearing further but also it
will lessen the complications that you experienced at the initial
stage of the outbreak of the symptoms.

functional mechanism of Famvir:

of its dosage strength, every Famvir tablet contains famciclovir as
its basic ingredient. This chemical is a prodrug that gets
transformed to its original stage, penciclovir, only when it is
consumed. This transformed version effectively stops viral strains of
genital herpes from replicating as it blocks the viral cells from
producing DNA polymerase. This enzyme plays the most crucial part to
encourage the herpes virus in replicating and infecting the healthy
cells of your reproductive system. As soon as the replicating
capacity of herpes virus is stopped, the infection becomes weak and
your natural immunity attains the strength enough to put the virus to
a dormant state. Irrespective of the fact that the herpes infection
cannot be killed entirely if you have already been affected by it,
this medication can help you to manage the chances of future

on the safety and side effects of Famvir:

its strong medicinal properties, Famvir is considered to be one of
the safest antiviral medications for herpes virus treatment. However,
it is always preferred that people above 18 years use this medication
and children are not provided with higher dosages of this medication.
If a person has a serious liver or kidney problem or if he/she is
using medications to keep the HIV infection under control, in such
cases also using this medication is not allowed. If a woman in
pregnant or breastfeedingFind Article, she is not allowed to use this medication
for the safety of her child. Famvir may cause minor physical problems
like headaches or nausea but they last only for a couple of days.