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Price is a big consideration when purchasing a chainsaw. Spending a small fortune on a saw and then letting it sit in your tool shed without using it is a little extravagant. Many will obviously look towards the main brands such as Husqvarna and Stihl to purchase their saws.This article is intended for first time or home users and we’ll use chainsaw giant Husqvarna as a guide to purchasing the right sized machine for your needs. The following Husqvarna chainsaw prices should only be regarded as a guide.Small ChainsawsFor upwards of $200, a homeowner can purchase a good quality saw which will perform most of the tough jobs around the house. For example, the Husqvarna 137 is an ideal saw for part time users. It is extremely easy to start with enhanced safety features such as a double acting chain brake.For a couple of hundred bucks, this is the type of machine a part time user should consider. Husqvarna chainsaw prices are pretty hard to compete with but it will pay to scan some of the forestry forums and ask whether there are cheaper priced options available. Electric ChainsawsThese are a great alternative to the gas-powered models because of their lightweight and low noise factor. This makes them particularly ideal in major cities or suburban areas.You’ll obviously be restricted by freedom of movement because of the power chord attached to the machine but for jobs such as pruning and trimming, these make more economical sense.Gas And ElectricAlternatively, if you live on a large block of land, either suburban or country, why not consider having the best of both worlds. Many chainsaw owners have both gas and electric machines which gives them plenty of options. For example, if wet weather is hampering the use of your electric chainsaw, then the gas-powered model can be used. Price consideration becomes a factor here because Husqvarna chainsaw prices can be a little pricey in the electric range. This is a good time to consider the alternatives. Brands such as Craftsman, McCulloch and Remington offer some excellent alternatives for $60 and above.The main drawback with the cheaper models when comparing them to brands such as Husqvarna is you’ll be missing some of the components associated with the gas versions however, by following good safety protocol, this shouldn’t be a reason for not buying.

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