REST EMPLOYED | Death and Taxes Song!

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REST EMPLOYED | Death and Taxes Song!

In Placeholder Gameworks’ Death and Taxes, you take on the roll of Grim. The afterlife’s newest resident skeleton. Just one of the many Grims working to harvest souls and keep (or overturn) the balance of the universe. Under the command of Fate, you spend each day choosing who lives and who dies. But what consequences will your choices have..?

Spooky bureaucracy? Sign me up. As soon as I heard about Death and Taxes I knew I wanted to write a song about it! I’ve had this song waiting for a video for a few months now, life and other projects got in the way, so I’m super excited to finally be able to share it with you all now!

It’s a good job skeletons don’t have ears, because this one’s a bit of an earworm.

Huge thanks to my patrons for making this video possible, to Dansonn once again for another fantastic beat, Oxygen for another awesome mix and to Lizzy for all of her help putting the video together!



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Lyrics, Vocals and Video by The Stupendium
Beat produced by Dansonn Beats
Mixed by Oxygen Beats
Camera operation by Lizzy C.Jones

Death and Taxes, its world and its characters are the property of Placeholder Gameworks.


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