What's Really Going On With Melania And Barron Trump

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What's Really Going On With Melania And Barron Trump

Though there’s been all kinds of juicy speculation about Ivanka and Melania’s relationship, we know surprisingly little about how Melania Trump relates to her own child with Donald Trump, Barron. From her hands-on parenting to her prioritizing his schooling, here’s what we know about their bond.

Barron William Trump was born on March 20, 2006, the first and only child of Donald and Melania Trump. Donald Trump reportedly picked the name Barron, a reference to an alias he used when speaking to the press John Barron according to The Washington Post. Apparently as early as 1980, Donald would actually act as his own “spokesman,” giving the media a different name when he talked to them.

Though much has been written about the origin of the Barron moniker, not much exists about his middle name except for Melania Trump’s involvement. Houston Chronicle reported that Melania got to pick Barron’s middle name, William.

Keep watching to find out what is really going on with Melania and Barron Trump.

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Raised by mom | 0:52
A guiding influence | 2:19
An independent boy | 3:03
Teaching right from wrong | 3:37
Being a mom first | 4:22
Multilingual upbringing | 5:10
Standing up for her son | 5:49
Off the trail | 6:50
Protective mom | 7:38

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