What Are The Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Genital Herpes In Women?

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Genital herpes in women is an infection caused by the HSV virus. It is sexually transmitted and it spreads very fast. The virus causing the genital herpes can’t be eliminated from the body once it reaches the nerves of the spinal cord. It gets in the body thorough microscopic tears in the genital area and then it settles there forever. The first outbreak usually appears in 2-14 days after contamination. There are also people who don’t experience a first outbreak, even though they have the virus. This does not mean that they don’t spread it. This is one of the main reasons why genital herpes is so common. Some people might not even know they have it and they spread it to others and so on. In those who develop symptoms, these become less severe after the first outbreak. The herpes in women usually has an outbreak when the women are weak or have a weakened immune system. Women facing a large amount of stress or those who have recently been ill are very likely to suffer of genital herpes if they already have the virus.The symptoms of genital herpes in women are extremely severe when the virus first outbreaks. The blisters are preceded by a tingling sensation, itching and redness. Women who experience recurrent episodes of genital herpes are very familiar with this sensation. The blisters are painful and disturbing and they turn into sores. Unfortunately, in the absence of any treatment, sores might only heal in a few weeks. The blisters and the sores are accompanied by symptoms like fever, muscular pain, headache, painful urination and malaise. A sure diagnosis of herpes is put after the fluid in the blisters is send to laboratory for tests. Doctors usually rely on symptoms for diagnosis because in approximately half of the cases the result of the laboratory tests is false negative.Unfortunately there is no treatment for genital herpes in women. There are indeed remedies that provide relief from the symptoms, but there is nothing that can be done to get rid of the virus for good. During the first outbreak antiviral pills are prescribed along with medication that is to be applied locally. The purpose of this is to ameliorate the symptoms. There are also many women who find relief from the symptoms using home remedies. Hygiene is very important and women experiencing an outbreak need to wash their hands frequently and to avoid sexual contact.

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