Viral Marketing Explained: What You Need To Know

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Within the business
of Internet marketing, growth is what you’re looking for.  Think about writing an eBook.  Once you give it to just three people and
they pass it on to three people, the numbers will multiply over and over.  Pretty soon your eBook will be seen by
hundreds of people, if not more.  Get
the picture?


It can be so simple
to spread your eBook around and there are different ways to do it.  One method is by an auto responder.  Another way is to offer it on your website.  Whatever method you choose, don’t sell
it.  If you don’t give it away it will
decrease the number of people who want it. 
The more people who have it can usually be correlated to the more sales
you make.


So, if your eBook
includes careful placement of products and services you suggest, you can place
links to your affiliates and watch the traffic.  You’ll experience growth from places you’ve never known about.


Now that you’ve
seen the advantages of viral marketing, it’s important to be knowledgeable
about some negative aspects.  Just as
dishonesty exists in the traditional workplace, it exists online as well.  If someone gets their hands on your
affiliate codes they can alter them to steal your commission.  But, there are programs that can help deter
this from happening.  Cloaking is just
one method, and it’s very accommodating. 
It can come in the form of software or page re-directs.  How it works is that you can create a link
similar to this:

But, when someone
clicks on it, they are redirected to a link like this:  This will
allow you to protect the affiliate code that you use as well as hide the
ridiculously long affiliate link that is required by companies. 


There are far more
advantages than disadvantages.  Just be
sure to host your pages or use software that has re-direct type forwarding


To start out you
will need web site content or eBooks. 
So, if you don’t have significant experience in web copy writing, it is
recommended that you find base articles and re-work to fit your page.  It will be of great benefit to you if you
can build off of a foundation.


Consider becoming an
author or a webmaster or both.  People
are always looking for eBooks as well as information.  Viral marketing provides a great way to market very quickly.  Sharing comes naturally, which is a
wonderful thing for this type of business. 



Invest your time in starting your business with a good
foundation of careful planning and then sit back and wait for the results that
you desire.  Once the virus effect takes
over you will reap the benefits that only comes through viral marketing:  a rapid growth that will continue to grow
and grow and grow…