What Are the Updates On Cybercrime Law In UAE During COVID 19?

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Legal Consultants in Dubai have observed numerous changes in the laws and regulations throughout the pandemic situation and have implemented several measures to prevent its further spread. One such sector is cybercrime law which has seen some changes during COVID-19 in UAE which will be the topic for discussion under this article.

The cybercrime department, police authorities, and other relevant authorities are in a rigid situation to investigate and control serious and cybercrime offenses, considering the use of vast technology during the pandemic to ensure the safety of residents in the country.

Cybercriminals are exploiting the channels for global communications and online international transactions to commit such crimes. Malware, spyware, and Trojans have been discovered implanted in several websites or websites providing information on coronavirus. Spam messages are likewise fooling clients into tapping on joins that download malware to their PCs or cell phones which assist the criminals in extracting confidential information and commit such cybercrimes.

In a recent update, it has been lately discovered that cybercriminals are approaching hospitals or health facilities and employees or employers working from home and conducting online businesses. It is important for healthcare facilities to seek confidential information of all the patients and maintain standard records of such information more than ever in this global pandemic and increased health issues.

The major concern the government is facing right now is this data being hacked by cybercriminals causing undesirable results or situations. Hospitals’ data and technological devices are not as secured or safeguarded as that of banks and thus are prone to be easily hacked. It is always advised by the Criminal Lawyers of Dubai to be aware of such spam emails and viruses which can cause serious issues and made lead to lose of significant amount of data.

Although, the government has recently amended the Cybercrime law by virtue of Federal Law number 2 of 2018 entailing stricter punishments or penalties for those who try to violate the provision of this foregoing law. It is obviously a relief for the UAE government that the cybercrime law is strong enough to work as a deterrent for all residents involved in cybercrime activities and can assist the authorities and ensuring safety, especially in the corona situation.

In furtherance with the new amendment in the Cybercrime law, it is vital for all the residents in UAE to be aware of the companies who use internet modes to publish any illegal or offense material on their portal or promote any sort of illegal activities or is related to any terrorist organization as the punishment under the new law may reach up to 25 years along with significant fines to be paid to the court authorities if found guilty.

The court has also been empowered to issue deportation orders, as they may deem fit. In any event, if you find yourself in any critical cybercrime situationHealth Fitness Articles, the primary step is to approach the Criminal Lawyers in Dubai to comprehend the situation as fast as possible.