Genital Warts Are Caused By Highly Infectious Virus

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Person who gets once infected can only control growth and activity of this virus; however the symptoms of infection occur after sometime which can vary from few days to few years. Once a person gets infected he or she can infect others even if they do not possess any visible symptoms. The infection is transferred from one person to another only through sexual contact. Genital warts can occur even in children. The growths caused by HPV in genital area are tiny and look like cauliflower in shape. These growths can occur on the penis, vulva, urethra, vagina, cervix, and around and in the anus. This infection is quite common and most of the people suffering with this do not show any symptoms. In women this infection can spread inside the walls of vagina and cervix which cannot be seen without proper examination. The other areas in women which get affected by this infection are nearby skin of vagina or anus. In men Genital warts can be found on penis, scrotum, groin area, thighs and inside or around anus. The other areas where growth of warts can be seen due to infection are lips, mouth, tongue and throat.Generally these warts do not show any other symptom but in some cases itching and increased dampness around these warts can be noticed. In rare cases, in women, increased vaginal discharge or bleeding after intercourse can also occur. Though genital warts are not life threatening but when caused by some high risk viruses these can lead to precancerous changes in the cervix, cervical cancer or anal cancer. Precaution is only cure when it comes to treatment of genital warts. The HPV after entering into the human body’s system cannot be flushed out by any medicine so far, at best its activity can be curtailed and it can be kept dormant. However, even if virus is not active person can infect others. Taking proper precautions during intercourse is only method by which one can prevent this infection from transmitting. Use of condoms provide protection to a large extent but it is not a foolproof method, wearing condoms can prevent skin to skin contact during penetration but it cannot prevent skin contact on thighs and surrounding area around vagina.The HPV is highly contagious and can transmit from one person to another at first contact. People practicing unprotected sex or having multiple sex partners are at high risk of getting this infection. This infection can also affect women during pregnancy and those who have weak immunity system. People who get sexually active at a young age or use too much alcohol or tobacco are also at high risk of catching an infection easily. Taking medical advice immediately after seeing any growth in prone areas or after coming in sexual contact with an infected person can be of immense help in handling the infection.Source: Free Articles from

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