Gas Furnace Prices Make Troubleshooting A Necessity

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The heating and cooling unit is usually the most expensive system contained within the home. Gas furnace prices are not low, so it is essential that the homeowner have the system inspected and maintained on an annual basis. Allowing the heating unit to go unserviced can result in very costly repairs that must be made. It seems that this situation always occurs during the time of year the unit is most needed.

If the unit appears to be malfunctioning, the homeowner can do some troubleshooting prior to making the call to a professional. If the problem is simple and can be easily fixed by the average person, these steps will eliminate the need to pay for a service visit. That is welcome news to any homeowner, considering the money can be spent to pay the heating and cooling bill that seems to continuously rise.

One of the most common problems occurs when the unit does not produce heat. This may be due to the thermostat being too low or not working. Check the thermostat to make sure it is in heating mode and has an appropriate temperature setting. Attempt to move the setting and assess whether the unit responds appropriately. Follow the thermostat’s cleaning instructions in order to clean the contacts.

If all seems well but the unit still does not work, check the fuse or circuit breaker that controls the furnace to make sure it is not tripped or blown and reset or replace if necessary. If this does not do the trick, view the pilot light and if it is out, relight it if possible. Keep in mind that newer models will have an electronic ignition that lights the pilot. If something is wrong with the ignitionFeature Articles, it will require servicing by a professional.

Increasing gas furnace prices require that homeowners become educated in order to reduce service costs. Homeowners should conduct some quick diagnostic steps when the unit is not generating heat. Taking simple steps to address the issue may save the cost of a repair visit from a technician.