Great Plains Partner Los Angeles, Chicago Newsflash: GP Payroll Tax update service

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if you are Dynamics GP Reseller, or from Customer Source, if
you are end customer.  In this small
publication we will try to give your technical highlights on tax updates, especially
when you are on older Great Plains versions: 8.0, 7.5, 7.0, 6.0, 5.5, 5.0.  Payroll tax update might look like minor issue
for somebody, however if you are midsize organization on old Great Plains
Dynamics or eEnterprise version, you don’t want to mail incorrect W-2 form to
your employees and contractors


Payroll Tax Update process.  If you download tax update from MBS Source,
you will see that it populates UPR41300 and related tables in Dynamics
database.  These tables have similar
structure for older Great Plains versions, and if you are Great Plains
consultant, you could simply roll down updates from Great Plains Dynamics GP
10.0 Dynamics tax tables to linked server, where you have older version of
Great Plains installed


How to update Payroll tables if you are on Ctree
or Pervasive SQL.  This may seem as grim
problem, however to Great Plains Technical consultant and SQL programmer it is
not such a big deal.  The hint here is
this – bring with you your laptop, where you have Dynamics GP 10.0 or 9.0
installed with UPR payroll tax tables populated with newer Payroll tax
update.  In our legacy Great Plains environment,
install Pervasive SQL Server or Client driver (depending on where you are
linking from – server or client, plus also review if you have to generate DDF
files – or data definition files), or Ctree driver (if you are on Ctree).  In Microsoft Access create new database,
instead of creating new physical tables, create linked tables and switch to
ODBC link.  Select all the tables (or
just UPR tables if you are interested in Payroll only).  If you are comfortable with Microsoft SQL
Server Linked Server construction, please connect now your Microsoft SQL Server
2000 or 2005 to Pervasive SQL or Microsoft Access ODBC data source to begin
Payroll Tax update roll out to your Pervasive SQL or Ctree tables


Great Plains Accounting for DOS and Windows
Support.  Here we recommend you to
migrate from Novell or Windows NT 4.0 Server to Windows 2003 Server and change
DB platform to Pervasive SQL 2000, preferably Service Pack 3.  If you are on GPA for DOS or Windows, then
unlikely that you are using Payroll moduleBusiness Management Articles, as Payroll is very cheap to
outsource nowadays