Coronavirus and YouTube: Answering Creator Questions

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Coronavirus and YouTube: Answering Creator Questions

Matt talks about the latest on changes at YouTube related to COVID-19, and answers creators’ top questions. You can jump to a question using the timestamps below.

We’ve recently announced a number of changes that have taken place as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

On March 11, changes to the monetization of COVID-19-related content were announced. This means that monetization for coronavirus videos will be rolled out as a gradual process, starting with creators who accurately self-certify their videos — and a select number of news partners. The rollout will continue to include all Creators in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) over the coming weeks.

Following this, on March 16 we announced that many of the people who work hard to keep YouTube running by reviewing videos, processing yellow icon appeals, YPP applications, answering support questions, and other critical processes for YouTube – will be unavailable over the coming weeks as they do what’s best to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.
There are thousands of people on these teams across the world, many in places that have had major disruptions to normal life, and while these are unprecedented steps, we have chosen to do what’s best to protect their health.

Jump to a question:
1:16 What exactly is happening with review centers and how is that going to affect me as a creator?
2:06 Why can’t reviewers just work from home?
2:31 Why are the automated systems making so many mistakes?
2:55 Will I get strikes on content that’s removed during this time? / Can you freeze the three strike removal system?
3:29 Why are you being stricter about video removals? Why not just let everything through?
3:49 With these new service/support changes, if my video gets removed, how will I make money?
4:06 When will videos about coronavirus start monetizing and why does it take so long?
4:29 Why are you only choosing some creators to monetize instead of everyone? Isn’t that favoritism?
4:54 How are you fighting misinformation?

How to stay up-to-date with these changes?
We will continue to provide you with updates for all thing COVID-19-related on our Help Center page –

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