Simple Yet Effective Cures For Warts – 5 Natural Methods!

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All these types of warts are brought on by the same virus, HPV. HPV virus when infects the body, resides under the skin layers and survives on the food extracted from the surrounding blood vessels. The growth of warts is the visible symptom of the HPV viral infection. Warts are spread through the physical contact of a wart infected piece of skin with a non-infected area. Anyone who has ever suffered from this skin infection will want to find home remedies for warts to be able to remove them in a safe and effective manner. In the following article we are going to discuss about a few simple and inexpensive home remedies for warts which could help in getting rid of the wart problem and also prevent them from coming back.1. Stop Warts – Before we get into the various natural home remedies that can help in wart removal let’s talk about certain preventive measures that can help to avoid the skin problem from happening. Warts are a viral infection caused by contact with the HPV virus so always wear sandals in locker rooms, changing rooms and public showers . Avoid touching warts on yourself or others. Sharing things such as razors, shoes, socks, and towels could also be one of the reasons for the spread of this viral infection and hence must be avoided at any cost. Skin which is injured or broken is vulnerable to HPV virus infection and therefore you will have to take utmost care of your skin and if in case you suffer from any cuts or injuries, be sure that you sterilize and bandage the area immediately. Don’t pick at warts or the virus can spread.2. Strengthen Immune System – A healthy and strong immune system is what you need for the prevention and to get rid of warts from your body. Warts are caused by virus infection and so if your immune system is strong, your body will have the ability to combat this HPV virus. To make your immune system healthy and strong, your body should be provided with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in adequate quantities and to achieve this you need to eat a well balanced wholesome diet on regular basis. Some of the kinds of foods you should include in your diet include fish oil, seeds and nuts, whole wheat products and fresh vegetables and fruit.3. Soak in Hot Water – When you are learning to use home remedies for warts it is a good idea to begin with simple, natural treatments. You can soak your warts in water as hot as you can stand so that the tough tissue in the wart is softened and the HPV virus is killed. Once the soaking treatment has been accomplished you may use an abrasive for example a pumice stone to remove the warts.4. Tape Garlic On – Another simple holistic treatment method which is quite popular and commonly used by many individuals is to cover the warts with a garlic clove and a duct tape. The duct tape restricts air circulation to the virus that it needs to survive and the garlic has oils that both fight the infection and help dissolve the wart’s tissue.5. Home Remedy Soaks – A few of the natural ingredients which you have in your kitchen can even help in removing warts by soaking treatment method. Apple cider vinegar, pine apple juice and papaya juice are some common household ingredients that could be used to eliminate warts by soaking treatment. Other natural products that have been used commonly over many centuries for wart treatment include aloe vera gel and tea tree oil.
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