What are estate taxes and will they apply to my Last Will and Testament

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Estate taxes are one of the most hotly debated tax law subjects today. Essentially what happens is that when you pass on your estate will go to your beneficiaries and heirs subject to your Last Will and Testament. However, your beneficiaries and heirs will have to pay estate tax on the portion of the estate that they receive. This is a tax that occurs not only at the federal level but also at the state level as well. One of the instances where the estate tax will actually not apply is when your entire estate goes straight to your spouse without going to anyone else. This is specifically an exception that is implanted into the tax law in order to have the surviving spouse not subject to estate tax. In 2010, the estate tax was actually completely repealed but it is to come back in 2011 as such the estates will again be subject to this tax. Thus, on a general level the estate will be subject to estate taxes unless the entire estate goes to the surviving spouse. One of the ways that you can actually reduce the amount of estate taxes that you pay is to have an attorney prepare your Last Will and Testament. What they can do is actually utilize the latest in tax law provisions in order to increase your tax savings. One of the techniques that they can actually use is a disclaimer trust which in essence works like this. This trust created by an attorney works in the way that certain portion of the estate is actually disclaimed by the surviving spouse and it goes into the trust. In turn the trust will at a later time go to the surviving spouse’s heirs and as such they can take advantage of the exclusions from estate taxes. The Will is actually created by a Maryland attorney who in turn will listen very carefully to exactly how you would like your estate divided up upon your passing. So lets say for example there is a situation where you want part of your estate to go to specific person and the other portion to another individualFree Articles, by utilizing this legal document prepared by a Maryland attorney you can very easily avoid all of the litigation and legal costs that may occur if you do not have a Will. The process is very straightforward and simple if you retain a qualified Maryland Attorney to prepare it for you. If there is a Maryland will with clear language that lays out exactly who should receive the assets then the courts will really not need to look at the facts and circumstances of each case. On the other hand they can simple refer to the will which was prepared by a Maryland Attorney in order to determine exactly who should receive the assets. This will help to avoid a lot of costly litigation and legal costs that occurs when there is a dispute about the division of an individual’s estate. Otherwise the heirs of the estate who believe that they are entitled to the assets will have to hire their own probate attorneys in order to recover what they believe belongs to them. This of course carries a lot of litigation costs and attorney costs that could have easily been avoided by utilizing the services of a Maryland Attorney to create your Will.