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Due to the shortage of PPEs worldwide, the government is limitting the usage of Personal Protective Equipment Suit. The government prioritizes the allocation of Personal Protective Equipment Suits to public hospitals, general health care practices, community pharmacies, aged-care providers (if there is an outbreak), and other settings where people are most likely to present with Corona Virus 19 or COVID-19. The general public is advised to protect themselves or use Personal Protective Equipments such as surgical masks; disposable or washable, eye and face shields, and the likes of it. However the general public may purchase Personal Protective Equipment Suits in their own manner.

Amidst this pandemic, security and health should coexist as a priority for everyone. We wear face masks, latex gloves, face shields, and even sanitized surgery caps. COVID19, an emergingly rapid virus, took the world by a storm and paralyzed the whole system that everyone should be wary of their movements, their interaction with other people, and even what they wear. In lieu with this, Personal Protective Equipment is a full clothing that is usually used to avoid construction hazards is now on demand in the healthcare community.

Individual defensive gear, usually alluded to as “PPE”, is an equipment worn to limit introduction to risks that cause genuine work environment wounds and ailments. These wounds and diseases may result from contact with synthetic, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other working environment dangers. PPEs may look constricting but in reality, it should be safely designed, properly constructed, and comfortably flexible so that the worker can move like its their own skin. It should incorporate into infection control and safety training for healthcare workers who provide care to patients with COVID and use in planning for staffing and supply management. PPEs materials should be flame-retardant, anti-static, chain mail, chemically impermeable, and high-visibility. A quick reminder that PPEs are disposable, One shouldn’t repeat the usage of PPE for it may be contaminated with the virus.

According to Health.gov.au., In the event that individuals in your training wear PPE, you might need to give signage close to the passage encouraging this is to secure patients and staff. In another scenario that you are a healthcare professional giving in-home consideration, let the patient know ahead of time that you may wear a cover or other PPE when visiting their home.Staying safe within this pandemic should be the number one priority so conducting safety precautions such as said above are not nudged but greatly appreciated for the sake of everyone.


Allweeksale is offering a PPE Suit made in synthetic microfiber. Its dimensions fit even tall healthcare workers; Shoulder is 21 inch, shoulder length 21 inch, waist line 25 inch, overall length is 51 inch. These PPE are available in Navy Blue and Dark Green variants. According to Food and Drug Administration or FDA, PPE are designed to create a non-disease specific barrier to penetration of substances, solid, liquid, or airborne particles. Recognizing the need for protective measures in this crisis is a mustBusiness Management Articles, so hurry and purchase one!