Does HPV Go Away – Simple Truths About the HPV Virus

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The human papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus that is
commonly sexually transmitted. So many people out here who are infected
or think they might be are asking the question, does hpv go away. Some
people may never know they are infected because most times symptoms do
not manifest and in some cases, HPV can go unnoticed and heal by itself.
This virus causes warts infection in both men and women on different
parts of the body including the genital region. It is also one of the
main causes of cervical cancer and can also cause in rare occasions
cancer of the penis, anus.HPV in WomenIt
is established that HPV can go unoticed and that is why women should go
for regular pap tests. This test detects cell changes that are caused
by the virus in the early stages. This means that you have the to treat
it before it advances. If detected and treated early, deaths and
complications of cancers are reduced. It is advisable to get this test
done once a year. HPV In MenMen do not
notice when they get HPV due to its lack of symptoms. This virus can
cause cancers of the penis and anus in men. Unlike women, men do not
have screening tests that help diagnose HPV. It is detected through a
visual test whereby doctors use vinegar solution to identify flat warts.
This test is not very reliable though.Symptoms of HPv in men
are warts that are flesh colored, raised or cauliflower shaped. These
can appear on the penis, scrotum, anus and thighs. To some extent, some
warts may appear in the mouth, throat, lips and tongue.Some common warts that characterize HPV are;Common warts: These are painless and appear on fingers, nails, face and knees.Flat warts: Are small and smooth and appear on the back of hands, legs, face in clusters.Genital warts: Are small, flat or raised and appears on the genital area.Plantar warts: These can be painful due to their location as they appear on the soles of the feet.Filiform warts: They form long and thin projections around the eyes, neck and face.Precancerous lesions: these are abnormal cells in the cervix that are painless and can only be detected through pap smear test.Causes of HPVThe
HPV is know to enter the body through broken or open skin which then
infects the cells in the skin layer. After this, the virus then
replicates ion the body. It can be weeks, months or even years before
you notice the symptoms of HPV. It is transmitted through;Sexual
contact: having sexual activities with an infected person automatically
puts you at risk. The genitals are an open way for the virus to get in
the body.Prenatal: This is whereby a mother passes it on to her baby during birth.Skin
to skin: Skin warts might be transmitted through cuts though this is
rare. Walking bare foot in public facilities like the gym and swimming
pools can cause the transmission.One should assume that a
common virus like the HPV can have a cure but unfortunately there is
none. There is however a cure for other medical complications brought on
by the infection. Symptoms like genital warts, cervical changes and
cancers can be treated. In answer to the question does hpv go away, one
will have to take into consideration all the factors mentioned above.
HPV does go away in very rare cases. this mainly happen on its own when
the infected person makes lifestyle changes and improves or boosts the
immune system. Even though it may not go away on its own, it is not a
death sentence and one can live a healthy normal life.Source: Free Articles from

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