Help! I Can’t Handle One More Virus!

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“There are 500 new virus/worms created each month”,
according to the website. Whenever I learn out
about another virus or worm that has developed into “medium
or high” status, I shake my head in disgust. Have you ever
wondered what would happen if that virus programmer turned
their energies around and instead developed a positive
program for us to use? Can you imagine how terrific that
program would be?!?!

If you haven’t heeded the latest slew of virus warnings then
you’ve probably been hit with a virus or worm. It’s likely
you’ve also lost use of your computer for at least a few
hours if not a few days. In some cases, you’ve lost very
important computer files or programs, too. Take some steps
today, so that you’ll have a virus free year.

Now every anti-virus website tells you to not open
attachments from people you do not know. The thing is, that
even attachments from people you love, could infect your
computer with a virus. I’m going to come clean and admit the
truth. I too have had a virus wreak havoc on my computer –
ONCE! And once since April of 1994 was enough for me!
Actually it was a beautiful attachment of fireworks that a
friend sent me. Well, it looked like fireworks before it
destroyed some of my Word documents and other programs!

So, I won’t tell you to not open attachments. That’s a crazy
suggestion anyway. Instead, take the time now, right now,
this moment, to protect your computer.

~Subscribe to an ezine list, such as the ones listed below
where the owner provides their readers with an added value.
This value comes in the form of important Internet alerts.
Maria’s Place – Helping You and Your Business Grow
Web Chamber

~Most new computers come with an anti-virus program and
often the data files for that program are out of date by the
time you receive your computer. Locate the anti-virus
program on your computer, get on the Internet and download
the latest .dat (data files) or zip files (large group of
files compressed so they download quickly).

~If you don’t have an anti-virus program, test drive one of
the many programs available on a 30-day trial. Purchase a
program that offers an automatic scheduler feature and set
the system to update files once a week.

~The most popular anti-virus programs are McAfee and Norton,
however there are many other programs available*.

~Costco, Sam’s Club, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, etc.
carry one or both these programs and they all have online
stores, too. Or try an online comparison store like,,

~Add “yearly update of my anti-virus program” to your
business or personal budget.

~Put aside 30 minutes to read the directions of your new
anti-virus program so that you know everything it can do. If
you’re updating, the “read me” text file usually contains
what’s been updated or added since the last version.

~Know, that if you have email programs other than Microsoft,
you can still end up with a virus. Anti-virus programs are
designed to destroy files and cause fear. Viruses have been
targeted at Adobe PDF, ICQ and other Microsoft files!

~Microsoft provides updates to programs on their website.
Security updates may include fixes for a virus and are
called critical files. Visit the sites below once a month to
update all critical files.
MS Main Program Updates
MS Office Updates

~When you use them properly, anti-virus programs work!
However remember that they are reactive not proactive.
Whenever you hear about a new virusPsychology Articles, update your data files