Why Do We Need A Flu Vaccine Every Year?

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The influenza virus, or the flu as it is more commonly known, is a highly contagious virus that can spread very rapidly within a community.

The flu has been responsible for thousands of hospitalizations and deaths every year. This is because the flu can result in very serious illnesses such as Pneumonia, Bronchitis, or other respiratory illnesses.

The influenza virus is an ever-evolving, ever-mutating virus. The strain of the virus which was found last year is not what you would find this year, and hence last year’s vaccine would be ineffective at stopping the new strain of the virus. Because of this issue, manufacturers of the flu vaccine are constantly doing research and developing newer formulae of the flu vaccine which is effective against the new variants of the virus.

So how does the vaccine work? Once a person is vaccinated the body’s immune system takes over and responds by creating antibodies to fight the virus. If someone who has taken the vaccine gets the flu afterward, the body’s immune system recognizes the virus and quickly starts producing antibodies that block and deactivate the virus.

Getting vaccinated does not however guarantee that you won’t contract the disease, but even if you do get it, you will only get a milder version of it as the vaccine reduces the severity of the illness.

Not vaccinating yourself means that you are not only putting yourself in danger but others as well. Even if you might not have any complications when you have the flu, you could give it to someone else who could be a high-risk person. You can find the flu vaccine in Bayswater and other areas of the country at medical clinics that do vaccines.

It is very easy to make an appointment with a medical professional and get your flu vaccine in Ascot Vale, BayswaterArticle Search, or anywhere else so that you and the community are protected during flu season.