Relieve Your Dogs Pain Caused By Parvo Virus

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In very young puppies it can infect the heart and lead to death. It can take up to 10 days from exposure until the dog or poppy may show symptoms of infection. Being a very serious disease, some puppies or dogs may not survive even if they were treated for this disease. Without treatment it is very probable that the puppy will not survive. They will die of dehydration.Treatment The problem is that this disease is incurable for the moment, since no available drug can kill it. This disease doesn’t kill the dog directly, acting on the intestines instead, which in turn cause the dehydration, blood infection and the electrolyte imbalance. These are the reasons why dogs die after they contract this disease, so the treatment consists mostly of using medicine that reduces the effects of the conditions mentioned so far. Secondary infections caused by this virus are usually prevented by using antibiotics. In order for the dog to have a chance to survive, the treatment for this disease needs to begin as soon as possible, and the dog needs to be monitored while the treatment is administered. Veterinarians can only help you to treat the symptoms and to try to hydrate the puppy. The only thing that it can be done if you dog is sick is to offer support to the systems in his body during the course of the disease. This can be done administering him fluids, regulating electrolyte levels, controlling body temperature and giving blood transfusions when necessary.Sometimes, you can administer homeopathic remedies, along with the medicine already prescribed. There are some products out there that are natural and can help the dog. Some examples are the Oregon grape, goldenseal and echinacea, which are found in a lot of these types of remedies. They help the dog’s organism by boosting their immunity, reducing the inflammation, preventing bacterial infections and helping the digestive system. Dog’s who survived the disease are not off the hook. Even if your dog does not have today the parvo disease, they can get it back in a few days.Because of how dangerous and contagious this disease is, you need to prevent it as much as possible, decreasing the chances that your dog will get it. Getting your dog to the veterinarian for vaccines is the best method of prevention. Always make sure that the dog gets all his shots in time. You can also clean areas that might be contaminated with chlorine mixed with water (use a 1:30 ratio). Use that chlorine bleach to clean all places that came into contact with a dog that has the disease.Parvaid is an aid medicine for parvo disease. Studies show that if the medication is administered before symptoms of disease show, the dog may not get sick in the end. The dog should defeat the illness in a couple of days from the beginning of treatment. No side effects where noticed. If your dog is pregnant, or has a pancreas or liver disease you shouldn’t administer to it the medicine. Parvaid only contains natural ingredients like: Peppermint, Spearmint, Chamomile, Plantain, Echinacea, Rose, Garlic and other ingredients.Source: Free Articles from

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