Fighting Coronavirus with Soap (from PDB-101)

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Fighting Coronavirus with Soap (from PDB-101)

Always use soap when you wash your hands! Soap molecules break up the outer layer of enveloped viruses, stopping infection. Watch at the molecular level how soap breaks up coronavirus by using series of hydrophilic and hydrophobic interactions.

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We produced the video in record time and that’s when mistakes happen. If you are wondering about the blurs popping up here and there, here is the explanation:

0:34 The word ‘micelle’ was misspelled. We don’t want to reinforce the learning of the bad spelling of this word.

0:49 The depiction is of the M (membrane) protein, which is involved in capturing and organizing the genomic RNA during budding. The PDB entry 1zva is was used to model the M protein.

We apologize for the mistakes.