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Part of raising the level of humanity has to do with each of us
raising our own individual energy. We can call it light,
vibrations, frequency or simply love, Spirit, Consciousness or
God. Its simply how its being done.

One of my contributions to myself and anyone interested in the
subject is involved around the subject of money. Someone
tried to convince mass consciousness that you and I could not
lead a sweet filled life, live in higher consciousness, AND have
financial bounty, (notice I said bounty, not security.)

And that is exactly why both mainstream and more self
professed spiritual folks don’t have enough money to live as
they would prefer. And worse yet they all have a fear around
money, and if its it not a fear around money, then its a given
that having lots of money is non-spiritual and a bad thing to
have. (ie: judgment)

In this moment, I won’t even reflect on how much dis-ease
and poverty throughout the world, the break-up of marriages
and untold deaths, suicide and otherwise are simply end results
of lack of money and the fears we invent around money.
Only its not really the *lack of money*; there is plenty of
money, its our *lack* of understanding of how to get it to
flow to us in ease, fun and affection.

So some folks , especially spiritual folks go around secretly
wishing they had more money to lead more comfortable lives,
(heaven forbid if they attain wealth) but think they are not
supposed to. The fact they are thinking about it in this
manner negates any financial success coming their way. They
then think they are not supposed to think about it at all. This
then quadruples the downward spiral energy affect around
*any* money in their lives and also carries over into other
areas, but they don’t see the association.

>From an energy consciousness perspective all of the above
keeps the individual and groups of individuals stuck. They are
stuck in lower light vibrations.

We cant help the masses raise the level of humanity if we
are in lower light vibrations ourselves. Call it what you want.
Excuse it away all you want. But it is TIME that we stop
treating money like the Black Sheep of the World.

Money is a Strong Powerful Energy that Surrounds our
Planet. Money is a good energy, only we have not been taught
to see, feel and mold it that way and in our favor. *We* are
now changing that.

Money is what we can use to build our livelihoods, our
businesses, our book offerings. Money is the fuel behind many
great ideas flourishing and the reason folks use for ideas dying
on the vine.

What role do I play in this? I write about how energy works.
I’ve applied that also to *Manifesting Millionaires*. And it is
my personal goal set forth from the wiser side of me, to see
that we all have the tools to do this.

Money is easy to come by. We have been taught it is not easy
to come by, or we have to be especially talented. Not So!
BUT we Believed *them* ! We Believed the *they* people!
Why? No one was showing us anything different.

Well, no thats not true, Jesus showed us different, but we
didn’t listen, & never got the ok from anyone to apply it to

I study Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires on purpose. I read
about them from an energy perspective. I’ve read all 3 of
Trumps books, I’ve read Richard Bransons books , and of
course it goes without saying I’ve read lots of Madonna
including the most recent Biography done on her.

Trump and Branson both had supportive families that aided
them. Madonna fought hard against her families wishes in
order to be who she became. Point: Family has zippo to do
with it. Yes, it can help. But the reason it can help, is that the
*energy* around the family is conducive and flowing, which is
a mechanics to success in EASE. Madonna had tons of
resistance around her, and she fought for much of what she
has. Her energy was in building up herself, her belief in what
she was doing and who she would become. It was again about
energy. She did not understand how she was doing it; all she
knew was that this meant more than anything to her.

If you read comments by these 3 folks, and or folks who
write about them, they all use the words *focus, determination
& persistence*. They just JUMPED. At times they had to re-
group, but that never kept them from jumping again.

Fine. Even in Donald Trumps **last book, he made the
comment that money just seemed to flow to him, he *did not
know why*. (**The Art of The Come Back)

Well I know why. And many more are finding out why; and as
we all know why and how sweet money shows up, then the
fear, and love/hate relationship with money changes. Then as
our relationship with money changes globally, thus does
humanity flourish, and right down to our own lives, relation-
ships, businessesFree Web Content, and livelihoods.