I Found the Woman Version of Trump

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I didn’t think it was possible. But I found an Internet personality who reminds me of the politician who currently lives in the White House.

Twitch, a live streaming platform now owned by Amazon, is mainly a place where people stream videogames and monetize their content through donations and subscriptions.

But another huge part of the platform is the “Just Chatting” section, which is exactly what it sounds like, where streamers just talk and interact with their audience.

And the topics vary. They could be talking about absolutely nothing, they could be dancing, they could be streaming vlog style, etc. There are even political commentators on the platform.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

Earlier this year, I discovered a fairly controversial political commentator. Though let’s be honest here, when is politics not controversial?

This woman’s a very interesting character, and very bold, I’ll give her that.

People have called her entitled, racist, greedy, toxic, hypocritical, and the absolute worst.

I don’t blame them for calling her all those things because she said some things that people find offensive like….

“I haven’t gotten a donation or a sub(scription) for an hour. An hour when I’m working for free?” Followed by some f-bombs.

She also talks down on people who don’t donate money to her.

“How do you think free entertainment is available to you? It’s because other people actually provide money so you can be a cheapass. They’re generous and they see a thing they want to support, and then you leech, period. If you’re a non-donator watching my content, then you’re a leecher.”

Naturally, other people will criticize her behavior. But that’s probably what she wants. She wants to get the free publicity and it worked.

I bet you her audience has grown massively ever since.

She definitely reminds me of someone too. A certain politician who lives in the White House and is no different. He says a lot of controversial stuff, but gets a lot of engagement and free exposure.

So if the emails you’re writing have low engagementFree Articles, keep this story in mind. You may learn a thing or two from these unique personalities.