Gift Tax Valuations

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Gift Tax Valuations

Gift tax valuations are prepared for many reasons. Gift tax includes market value of gifts to charity, market value of conservation easements and gifts in excess of annual limit. Well-reasoned planning of gifts can minimize gift taxes, income taxes, and estate taxes.

Gifts to charity are included in the gift tax laws. Gifts to charity can reduce taxable income and income tax. Donate appreciated assets and you do not have to pay capital gains tax. However, you receive a deduction for the current market value of the asset.

Gifts made prior to death are often made to transfer wealth and reduce estate taxes. There are no gift taxes if the gift per person is below a specific amount per recipient. Both husband and wife can each give the max amount to each other and not pay the gift taxes.

Advanced planning and proper structuring can maximize the transfer of wealth without relinquishing control. Consider XYZ Company, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Carnegie, which is worth $10 million. Clearly a taxable estate.

Assume market value of all ABC assets are worth $5.5 million (1.0 million + 50% x 9.0 million). Mr. and Mrs. Smith own 90% of ABC and the remaining 10% is owned by employees of XYZ Company. ABC is not a public company and shares may not be sold without prior approval of Mr. and Mrs. Smith during their life (sole discretion). Assume a 40% discount for illiquidity and lack of control, 1% of ABC is worth $27,000 (4.5mm x .01 x .6).

Hence assets worth $10,000,000 ($9million + $1million) are reduced in value to $2.7 million. If they have four children and each give the maximum, they can give 4.74% per year and not pay gift taxes.

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