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When tax time rolls around you need to put tax preparation at the top of your list. If you have the ability to do your own taxes then good for you! If not then you need to find the right tax preparer. You need to choose a tax preparation service carefully and wisely. As a taxpayer you are responsible by law for everything that is on your tax return. This is the case even if your taxes are done by another party. That is why hiring a firm or another person to provide this service for you is so significant. Most individuals who offer tax preparation services are decent, honest, trustworthy and hard working. As well most offer excellent service to those who come to them. When it comes to finding a paid preparer there are some things that you must bear in mind. Under the law a person who works as a preparer must fill in the relevant areas of the tax form and must sign the return in the proper spaces. The paid preparer must also supply their identifying number on the tax return. Be aware though that as the taxpayer you have to double check your form and make sure that every single item written on the form is accurate. Make sure that you are given a copy of your return by the tax preparation firm. After the preparer has finished your return you should sit down with him or her and review it before it is submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is your return and that is why you need to ensure that all of the information provided is correct. This includes the most basic information such as your name, address and Social Security number (SSN). You also have to make sure that all spaces are filled and nothing is left blank. It is important that all entries are reviewed and that you feel comfortable with everything that has been included in the return before it is submitted. Do not sign your return until you have checked it over and verified everything on it. Never sign a tax return that is blank. When you do sign it make sure it is in pen, not pencil. If you take a look at your return you will find that there is a third party authorization check box on form 1040 that will make it possible for you to designate the tax preparation person to talk to the IRS about anything they may need to know about your income tax return. This may involve the manner in which the tax return was prepared and anything to do with the mathematical calculations. The IRS also might have questions about the payment of an outstanding balance or issues about the refund owed to the taxpayer. Finding a qualified and experienced tax preparation service may take you some time but the homework you do is worth the effort you must put into it. Skilled tax professionals are not likely to overlook something significant while unqualified ones may miss deductions and/or credit that might make it such that could end up costing you more money than it should. 

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