Google Redirect Virus – Recognizing and Removing the Virus

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This is a rather crafty and potentially dangerous virus that basically
hijacks your web browser and takes your search results to random places. You no
longer have any control over your search results because this infection
typically takes you to a couple of irrelevant websites before finally landing
you where you wanted to go initially.


You can catch this virus anywhere on the Internet. It can come from
screen savers, downloads, MP3s, or videos. There’s no warning before your
computer becomes infected. Many websites appear as legitimate download sites
but will simply pass along this virus to you, instead.


The Google Redirect Virus is quite harmful to your computer and is not
easily removed. Some of the more common signs that you have this virus are
changing your homepage and not letting you modify it, redirecting your web
browser to random websites that usually hold more viruses, getting lots of
pop-ups, having virus removal websites blocked, and changing your Windows HOSTS


These are all things that you may, or may not, even notice until it’s
too late. Of course, once you start being swept away to random and unrelated
websites every time you perform a search, you’ll have an idea that something is
very wrong with your computer.


Once you start seeing these symptomsFree Reprint Articles, it’s time to find a way to remove
this hateful virus from your computer. The right removal program is the only
way to get rid of it. You should seek help immediately.