The Mechanics of Choosing the Trump Suit

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 In essence it is a trick taking card game but a huge aspect that separates the game from other card games is that this game is played with a partner. This concept of forming two teams consisting of two players adds a whole new aspect to the trick taking card game genre. Not only does it allow for more interesting games but also adds to the intricacy of the trumping mechanic commonly associated with the trick taking card games. 

Players familiar with the card game Klaverjassen know exactly how useful a trump card is. It provides teams with the chance to take the trick at the last moment and allows them benefit from whatever bonus points the trick has to offer. In Klaverjassen, which is also known as Klaverjass, the trump is not just any single card but an entire suit. In a typical game, the player to the right of the dealer chooses the trump suit. During that particular round, the player’s team is given a huge advantage since that player will most likely choose his strongest suit.

However, as the round ends and a new one begins, the player to the right of the first player to choose gets his or her turn at choosing the trump. This now gives the opposing team the huge advantage of choosing the trump suit. This continues for the rest of the game but being given the privilege to choose the trump suit is not without its downsides. Players exercising their given right to choose the trump suit must earn more points than the opposing team or else all their points goes to the other team. Luckily in Klaverjassen, players are given the option to wave their right to choose the trump suit when their turn arises. When this happens the right to choose the trump suit goes to the player next in line to do so.

In Klaverjassen, trumping is essentially like a bunch of silver bullets and though some may be bigger than others, having a lot of those bullets is a really good idea. This is why it is important for players to have teamwork. The more efficiently the team plays their trumps the higher their chances to earn more points. Conversely, the more incompetent the team’s teamwork isPsychology Articles, the lesser chances they have to earn more points.