Why do Gas Prices change?

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Is it simply me, or does it seem as though gas fees go way up every time a high traveling season approaches? It does not matter if it is summer, spring break, Christmas break, or the 4th of July. just once, I would like to see fuel prices stay stable. I understand that people drive more during those times, but some individuals be home and still have to pay the inflated fees.   Fuel prices should be based on annual sales. Figure out how much gasoline people use over the course of a year and set one yearly amount. That way, people that do not travel as much as others do not feel the effect of the inflated gas fees when they go to the pumps.   I for one would be willing to pay a little more periodically as compared to the walloping increases that different predatory fuel stations inflict upon their consumers. For me it is a conceptual problem. I do not feel quite as ripped off when I am paying a steady increase. When the price per gallon jumps up fifty cents within a day, I can not help but feel cheated. I do not feel as though I am asking for anything insane. My utility bill is almost the same each month. My phone bill is the same any month. My mortgage is the same each month. Even my grocery bill is about the same every month. I just want a stable charge on a resource that I utilize on a very regular basis.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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