Using AVG Anti Virus

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Your anti-virus program is
essential. This protects your computer from threats like viruses, spywares, and
malwares. The program can help you identify these threats. Once detected, you
now have the capacity to delete it and prevent it from doing some damage to
your computer. There are several anti-virus programs sold in the market. One of
which is the AVG anti-virus. If you are familiar with this AV program then you
will not have any problems using it. However, if it is your first time to use
this program then you will probably find it confusing. If you are one of these
individuals then this simple systematic guide may be of great help.   

the AVG anti-virus program. You can do this in two ways, purchase it or
download a free version from This will create a database in
your computer. However, keep in mind that the free version may not be as
extensive as the paid version and may not have some of the essential features.

After downloading, install the program. Once the
program is installed, activate the auto update first. This will keep you from
having to update the program manually. However, you can always manually update
it by right clicking on the AVG icon on the task bar and then click “check for

Activate the email scanner as well. This feature
will scan every new email that arrives in your inbox. This will prevent you
from accidentally opening emails that contain computer viruses.

Once everything is set up, you can now begin
scanning your whole computer for viruses. When a virus is detected, choose one
of the recommended actions presented by AVG.

If you are downloading a programPsychology Articles, do not open it
without running an AVG scan first. This will help identify whether it contains
a virus or not and then prevent infection.

The AVG anti-virus is user
friendly thus you will find it very easy to install and use.

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