Home Based Business Taxes – Where to Find Answers

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First, you should understand that you will need to still file both state and federal home based business taxes.  There are specific laws to your individual state regarding how you file, what is deductible, and how you calculate your home based business taxes.  Check with your State Internal Revenue Service with questions.  They usually have guides available for small business owners.

Filing your federal taxes can seem to bog you down even more, but there are many resources available for you to understand how to understand your home based business taxes.  The Internal Revenue Service has set up hotlines and guides to help you understand the federal tax system for small businesses.  They even have a website that is very user friendly to assist you.

The Small Business Association has a wealth of resources for understanding your home based business taxes as well as other business resources.  They have guides, online resources, and you can even go down to your local SBA office to speak with a counselor about your business start up and home based business taxes.

The Social Security Administration is a resource that is often overlooked by many people when they need help with their home based business taxes.  Even if you run a home based business, you may still have employees that complicate your taxes more.  The SSA can help you determine what to withhold and other tax laws that you must follow. 

Finally, you can check out the immense number of tax guidebooks that are available online and in your local bookstore to help you with your home based business taxes.  There are even inexpensive e-books that offer great advice to simplify the tax codes for you.  Also, speak with a tax professional about your home based business taxes.  They will be able to help you navigate through the information more easily.

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