How to maintain Home Isolation

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You will be jailed for seventeen days in your home. Away from family sit ups, away from city hustle and bustles, you will be required to follow new norms -Courtesy Corona.

Corona is here to stay. Even if a vaccine is invented it will take a while to reach the masses. Till that time, one should maintain all the precautions and keep alert and prepared in case one gets infected. The following article helps you to prepare and maintain the new routine for a home isolated person.

Corona is taking the world by storm

We all were taught in primary school that a home is a place that saves you from the storm, unaware of the fact that in 2020 it will again protect us from a storm named-“CORONA”.

The following article is divided into two parts for the help of readers. The first part deals with the preparation for home isolation and the second one describes the routine to follow in case one gets unfortunately infected.


During home isolation, you are not allowed to share anything with others to avoid the spread of infection.  

Maintaining Home Isolation

Essential Daily Routine

Cleaning and Hygiene routine

Fighting the isolation blues

You may indulge yourself in various activities of your interest to relieve yourself of this isolation blue.


Just remember one thing that it is only-“YOU” who can help you out in your isolation so keep a healthy stress free isolation period. So plan well and fight this like a warrior.