How to Prevent Virus thro’ Email

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Recently my Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) detected a virus coming through
email. This happened as my preview pane was open in the Inbox and it
opened the virus email automatically as soon as it was downloaded.
The NAV could not repair the file so I had to delete the infected
file. I found to my utter horror that deleting the file disabled my
browser. It also disabled my CD writer. I had to save my data using
Iomega 250MB zip drive which fortunately worked but only in the slow
SAFE mode of Windows! Ultimately I had to Quick Restore my Compaq
computer. It took me 2 days to reload various programs and data! This
could have been avoided if I had taken a few simple precautions. I
have written out these precautions as tips on how to configure the
email program so that you can prevent a disaster like mine.

Tips for configuring both Outlook Express (OE) and Microsoft Outlook
(MSO) particularly to block viruses hitting your computer
automatically. These precautions will save you a lot of trouble.

1.Switch off the preview panel in the INBOX. This prevents any virus
getting into your system by automatic opening in the preview pane.
2.Switch off the “include this account when receiving mail or
synchronizing” for every account you have. You can do this by
disabling (no tick mark) on this feature, which you will find by menu
chain: Tools, Accounts, account-name, properties, General. This will
ensure that the mail is not flowing-in automatically.
3.Before downloading mail, access the mail on the net. Most of these
webmail sites show the size of the files, which unfortunately is not
a feature with either OE or MSO. Any mail over 100KB is suspect
should be deleted. Also delete any junk mail. Only download and
receive mail that you want to save on your computer.
4.To download and receive mail, don’t click on Send/Receive on the
mail Tool Bar, but go into Tools, and move the curser on
“Send/Receive” and move right to get a sub-menu where you select the
precise account, with which you want to send or receive.
5.Send by clicking on the small arrow next to “Send”, and selecting
the precise account by which to send. The mail will wait in the
Outbox till you send through the ToolsFree Web Content, Send/Receive menu as given in
3 above.

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