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An online pharmacy offers both
prescription and non prescription drugs at much affordable prices in
comparison to the retail prices. Both branded and generic (equally
effective but cheaper) products are available.

prescription medicines online is much cheaper than buying them from a
pharmacist. The advantages of buying from an online pharmacy are
numerous. There is a larger range of drugs to select from and faster
service as the delivery can be made right at your doorstep. Before
you purchase any product from an online
, make sure that is properly
accredited. Also, check the site’s privacy policy to make sure it
does not share or sell your personal information without your

What Does an
Online Pharmacy Offer?

pharmacies also offer drugs for pets. For prescription drugs, a
legitimate prescription signed by a licensed veterinarian needs to be
submitted to the online pharmacy.

Does an
Online Pharmacy Ask For a Prescription?

An authentic online
will always ask for the doctor’s
prescription for prescription drugs before delivering them. There are
deceptive sites which try to lure the customers with a ‘no
prescription needed’ slogan pasted all over their websites.
However, these sites cannot be trusted as the mushrooming of online
pharmacies posed serious questions about the sincerity of these

Note that most legitimate pharmacies
will request for a prescription to be sent through either fax or

How Can One Ascertain the
Authenticity of an Online Pharmacy?

Here are a few tips for you to
ascertain that the online pharmacy you are dealing with is genuine:

Various health insurance companies
offer the services of an online pharmacy to control prescription drug
costs. You can contact your insurer to find out if you have an access
to an online pharmacy. To speak with an authorized pharmacistFeature Articles, visit