Find a Tax Preparer for Your Small Business

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Before you look for a small business tax preparer

The first thing you want to do before seeking out the assistance of a tax preparer for your small business is to ask yourself why you need a tax preparer. In theory all of us are capable of preparing our own taxes. I said “in theory”. We hire professionals do it for us for one or more of these three reasons. 1. Their money saving strategy2. Their accuracy despite complexity3. Their speedBefore you go looking for a tax preparer, make sure that you have a good look at why you are considering one in the first place.

If speed is what you’re looking for go with a franchise

If speed is the main reason you want to hire a tax preparer to handle your small business taxes, you should probably go with a franchise. H&R Block, and Liberty Tax service get your return done so fast that it’ll make your head spin. Last time I was in there I noticed they even talk fast. The main problem with a franchise is their possible lack of professionalism or accuracy. As with most things, you get what you pay for.One way to avoid inaccurate preparers is to, first get your return prepared well before deadline, and second ask if your preparer is a CPA, or has any advanced training in small business taxes under their belt.

If it’s a customized money saving strategy you want consider a CPA

Franchise employees typically don’t expect to see return business, so a long term money saving strategy for your small business isn’t one of their priorities. If a long term money saving strategy is your goal, and it should be, find a licensed professional. An enrolled agent or certified public accountant can spend a little more time looking at your everyday business practices and make suggestions that will certainly save you a bundle in the future. Before you ‘umm’ and ‘aw’ your way out of hiring a professional, remember that they typically work freelance. This means there is no middleman involved in their fee. A private CPA typically charges little more than a franchise would for similar service. When you consider the long term tax savings of having a long term tax strategy tailored to your small business, a licensed professional in your corner is well worth the extra dough.

What if my small business tax returns are wildly complex?

With all the different health care options for employees and different types of billable services, even small business owners can face very complex tax situations. In this case a franchise is financial suicideFind Article, but you already knew that. The good news is that nearly every tax professional specializes in a particular field. Finding an accountant that can handle your particular field shouldn’t be too much of a problem.