Top home remedies for Warts

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Electrical duct tape. You need to ensure the wart is completly covered and no air can get to it. If it comes lose in the shower then just reapply. Or you can buy lemon essential oil and keep applying this. Plus taking Echinacea herb as an internal could help by boosting your immune system to fight the virus from within.

Dissolve some aspirin in a little water. Put Vaseline around the edges of the wart. Dip a cue tip in the aspirin solution and apply a couple times per day till its gone.

Wild Lettuce for Warts: The expressed juice is “much regarded as an application to boils, abscesses and carbuncles, and if put upon warts will cause them to drop off.

I got rid of my wart with apple cider vinegar. It took some persistence and a bit of pain, but i got rid of it in about four weeks. What I did was paint around the wart with clear nail polish, soak a little piece of cotton wool with apple cider vinegar and then secure it to my wart using plaster, I did this every night before I went to sleep, and kept it on as long as possible during the day. I would also dab apple cider vinegar on it whenever I could, especially after showering. It started to get little black dots in it and turn yellow and eventually, just came off with the plaster. The apple cider vinegar will probably make the rest of your skin around the wart red and raw, but just try to bear it. Also, whatever you do, don’t rip it out no matter how tempting it may be. I did that a few times before and it just came back. After the wart falls out, you could try lightly dabbing the area with apple cider vinegar. It will sting a lot, but it helps kill any remaining bit of the wart. I tried paint-on wart removers before this and it still came back. I tried apple cider vinegar about a year ago and it still hasn’t come back.

The cashew oil, which must be used with great caution, is used as an application to warts, corns, ringwormsFree Web Content, cancerous ulcers.

Carbon dioxide laser is the treatment of choice for pregnant women with extensive lesions or lesions that do not respond to TCA. Pulsed-dye laser and other new lasers have been used by some with various successful rates. Surgery is indicated particularly for large GWs or malignant lesions.