Have good antispyware and say bye bye to computer malfunctions

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The theme of this article is that to tackle the menace of virus, spyware, malwares, one should take the help of good quality anti-virus, anti-spyware programs.

Long gone are the days when you could browse the internet without the fear of getting affected; infected to be precise. One can now only dream of those golden days. Today, you connect your computer to the internet and are in immediate danger. Each second you spend on the net increases the chance of your computer being infected with viruses, worms, adwares and most dangerously, by spywares those are purposefully designed to collect data of your browsing activity, invade upon your privacy, and flood your screen with pop ups.

It is a common phenomenon that during the course of browsing suddenly a warning pops up that says “System Error” or “Your computer is infected with viruses” and offers to scan the computer free. I bet you have come across such pop up message at least once, haven’t you?  So one thinks it’s better to scan now since it’s free and lands into a nightmare. Because this is not an infection remover rather, it’s an infection in itself. Such programs are known as ‘rogue anti spyware’ that install more malwares into your system and collect sensitive information such as your credit card number, bank details, passwords etc. Besides, malwares can also add unauthorized site to your desktop or favorite folder, tool bars or search bars in your browser, these can also monitor your web browsing activities, intercept your mails. After collecting your sensitive informations, those can be sold to third parties without your knowledge that may cause you immense damage. Malwares harm your computer by slowing down your system and finally make it crash down.

Since you can not give up browsing for fear of such programs (you can not give up since without internet you can not move a step in present time), the only alternative available to you is to fight them. And to fight such malwares, you need malware removers, good quality malware removers known as anti-virus anti spyware softwares. 

Anti spyware or anti-virus programs protect your system in many ways. They block the popups, warn you the moment any malware enters your system and remove them, regularly scans the systems and all components of the computer to detect and remove malwares, prevent any website or tool/search bar to be attached to your desktop/browser, check e-mails for harmful or unwanted viruses. Some of the other functions that anti spyware/antivirus programs perform are scanning of running modules, complete scan of system folders and sub folders, detection of known or unknown viruses, detection of suspicious items, removal or quarantine of infections, shutting down of infected running processes etc. The databases of such programs are continuously updated so that you are always ready to fight new viruses or spywares.

It is, therefore, a must in today’s environment that you have a good anti spyware to protect your computer, yourself actuallyFree Web Content, from such dangers of the internet. So buy a good one and say bye bye to computer malfunctions.