Taxes and Duties For Sending Items to France

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when a country is a member of the European Union and the WTO in
addition to other prominent organizations as the French Republic is, it
might enforce its own set of regulations relating to the border tariffs
that need to be levied for every single package. In the country of
France, such is just the case. It would be important to find out about
all imposed charges ahead of mailing goods to the country of France to
be able to estimate the total tariffs correctly. Usually you won’t find
any general tax, since in many cases the taxes are based on the type of
the good and its declared value.The
import duties are normally a percentage of the total cost of the
merchandise including insurance and freight fees. A few goods are
however excluded from these taxes. The class of the merchandise
determines the established costs of duty. Generally, products that have a
value lower than 22 Euro gain from duty-free import entry. The person
who ships, the recipient or a third party can settle duties and taxes.For
products possessing a declared value greater than 22 euro, no duty is
levied, but VAT must be compensated. For items possessing a value bigger
than 150 euro, both duties and VAT must be paid out. France enforces
antidumping and countervailing taxes, so as to guard the industry from
unconventional decreased prices that can negatively affect the economic
tariffs are imposed for specific shipments that are considered as
luxurious. You will have to pay a watch duty cost on a per item base,
and a VAT must be settled for the majority of the products. Generally,
it is a regular percentage of 19.6 %. For a few items like reading
materials, gardening goods, artworks or medicines it can be as cheap as
5.5 %. An invoice charge could be applied if many of invoices is
required, and in a few other scenarios. In case the shipment has to be
looked at or tested, you have to pay for an testing fee and there are no
consular tariffs.If
it happens that something is incorrect with the paperwork or the item
itself, you are required to settle fines or penalties, so include those
in the budget you set just before sending merchandise to France. Not all
these taxes will be applicable to your package so all in all, you could
be enjoying a very good deal.

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