How Cordyceps Help in Regulating Blood Pressure

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Although diabetes has been part of the human condition for eons what we’ve learned about how the illness develops has increased. You can find treatments for too much sugar in urine and blood going back to ancient traditional both in China and India. Today, more details also give you options for tracking and understanding how your body interacts with food and insulin. Three specific components tell us even more about diabetes thanks to modern research. The individual functions give a short but important trip through pancreatic function related to the condition. Beta Cells are the first and primary component that is a focus of research. Beta cells are located in the pancreas. Researchers have been working hard to isolate these cellular structures for study outside the human body. So far, this is has been a challenging process. Beta cells make and release insulin, the hormone that controls glucose levels in the blood. While the liver has the primary control over blood sugar levels, the beta cells respond quickly to spikes in this level. In as little as ten minutes additional insulin can be released to process those levels. It appears that Beta Cells wear out over time. Researchers are looking for a way to re-activate this function through stem cells either replacing or re-starting a tired function.C-peptide is also released along with insulin. C-peptide is a byproduct by from producing insulin. This peptide is most commonly measured as a more accurate measurement of insulin function during diabetes. If the cells are not producing enough insulin, the levels of C-peptide also drop. There is another reason to measure this specific compound in the body. C-peptide also helps protect the body from neuropathy. As the condition of nerves dying in the body, usually starting with hands and feet, is a serious problem for diabetics, the protection is very valuable. Amylin represents the third important component identified by science and research. Amylin, or islet amyloid peptide is also produced by the beta cells. The job of amyloid is actually resisting the build up of glucose in the body. It is the other side of the balance wheel for insulin. Insulin uses up glucose in the blood system and amylin helps keep the levels where they out to be. As you can see, it’s a complicated process to balance blood sugar in the body. As we learn more the methods for treating diabetes. This same reason is why more people are looking to supplements that work in a different way. Most drugs are targeted specifically at insulin or using up blood sugar rather than working on a systemic level. Many people consider something like Cordyceps for diabetes due to it being gentle and working through the entire body to improve health. Today much of the research also shows how important it is treat the entire person along with the entire function of the disease. It’s time for patients and professionals to work with a broader perspective when treating diabetes. From diet to lifestyle to genetics there is more to the picture and your health than you’ve been led to believe. Source: Free Articles from

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