How to Boost Immune System

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Many factors contribute to your overall health. One of the most important is lymphatic or immune system function. You might be surprised how simple it is to add immune boosters to your lifestyle. The results are well-worth the little bit of effort involved. Perhaps the most simple, though you do want to allow some time to develop this habit, relates to breathing. Keeping your immune system healthy and lymph fluid moving in your body directly connects to your breath. This is true for two different reasons. The part of your nervous system that makes stress chemicals doesn’t have an off-switch. There’s no direct way to change the dial and stop producing adrenaline and cortisol. The only way to stop the production of these “intensity” chemicals is to have your body make the antidotes. Reducing stress and calming down literally requires some kind of action to trigger the opposite cascade of chemicals. The hormones and chemical signals made by your body do have a direct impact on your health through the immune system. Learning to recognize those overload signals and doing something to trigger the relaxing chemistry is important. Breathing quickly or through your mouth reinforces the production of stress chemicals. Long, slow breathing actually helps wake up the production of calming chemistry in your body. During those times when you’re feeling overwhelmed or overworked, a long, slow deep breath in and out of your nose is an easy, effective first step. In fact, you might want to consider taking a few deep breaths. Continue the pattern to provide your body additional reinforcement and relaxation. Most people, during stressful times, unconsciously hold themselves in. The muscles in the neck, shoulders, torso and even legs often tighten instinctively. If high stress levels are a regular part of your life, this physical pressure can cause a lot of pain and illness. Deep breathing helps unlock those holding patterns. Have you ever seen a baby hold his or her breath when upset about something? Some children will hold a breath long enough to frighten those around them. Of course the automatic nervous system kicks in and overrides that pattern, but this is a great example of how instinctive it is to hold and tighten during stress. Even babies know how to do it!Over the next week or month, begin to notice how often your breath is shallow during stress. Some people will take a lot of small breaths while others will take small breaths but put more time between each one. Regardless your habit, both of these contribute to reduced immune function, trapping lymph in your body and inflaming the potential for long-term illness in your body. You can also, while taking those deep breaths use your eyes and tongue further help you relax. With eyes open or closed, randomly look in directions you don’t typically use during stress, say sitting at your computer while working. Look up to the right, down to the left, far to each side, then reverse and cover all the other directions. Continue taking long, slow breaths through your nose. Wiggle your tongue around inside your mouth—no one even has to know you’re doing it. Stress usually means holding your tongue in place. You can even make your neck sore by doing this. It’s amazing how simple things can reduce stress. By using these simple breathing and relaxation techniques you can improve lymphatic flow, support your immune system and boost your health. You don’t need a complicated, involved routine to get results. Try these techniques for just thirty days and see how you feel at the end of the experiment. You can also bost immune system by using natural supplements. For instance, Cordyceps sinensis extract. Clinical data shows that Cordyceps sinensis extract improves immune system response and helps to treat various immune system disorders.Source: Free Articles from

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