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Most people have virus protection on their computer. Programs can range in price and can be suitable for home and office computers. There are so many places to pick up a virus on the computer while using the internet that it is foolish to not have a software program designed to keep viruses away.A virus is a program that attaches itself to your computer and can cause some major damage. It can cause your computer to run slowly or shut it down. The problems can damage your computer permanently or can cause you to have to get a repair which can cost you a few hundred dollars. Some people wait until a problem arises before they buy a program.A virus can also attach itself to your programs. It can track your internet use and see everything your doing. It can also see your passwords and change things in your personal files. IT can also get into your banking and email. It is scary to think of all of the things someone could do with all of your computer’s personal information and history.Security Shield 2010 is a new program designed at combating the latest viruses available. It has complete virus and spyware protection. It offers free support. Smart scanning of anything suspicious on your computer. It offers Real time threat detection, hourly updates and is vista compatible. This program offers great parental control so that your kids are not viewing sites not intended for them. It uses a small amount of space and system resources. It can block inappropriate emails and websites from popping up. It also removes spyware and can protect your computer.Trend Micro Antivirus Internet Security 2010 is a system that works great too. It protects against all types of threats and uses Real time protection. This program can stop viruses, worms, spyware and bots from entering your computer.Norton Antivirus 2010 is a popular brand name. It is used in both office spaces and home computers. It can keep login and personal information safe by securing it and storing it. IT features an auto saves program that automatically saves important files. It also maps wireless home internet services so that you can use wireless and feel safe about it. Norton offers free support to users that encounter problems. It can provide parental control, keeping kids safe from inappropriate pop ups, ads and sites.It also offers remote file lock safeguards to protect your laptop or computer if it is ever stolen. It blocks websites and programs from opening and protects your privacy and computer information from being damaged. This software can keep programs from having unauthorized users from changing important applications and monitors all use and any registry changes. Norton also offers frequent scheduled scanning for optimal security and peace of mind.Having an anti-virus program added to your computer is a smart decision. In life everything gets protected; homes, cars and office spaces. So not protecting your computer while you surf the net can be foolish. Using the internet safely and feeling good about it entails buying a software program and adding it to your computer. For any questions you can always access their free support 24 hour contact numbers, so there is always help at hand if you need it. With all of the things we do on the net, from banking to loading personal files and pictures, ensuring that information is safe is crucial.
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