What Causes Oil Prices to Fluctuate? | Oil Price 2021

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What Causes Oil Prices to Fluctuate? | Oil Price 2021

International Oil Price Fluctuation Factors – Why Do Oil Prices Rise & Fall – Crude Oil Price Fluctuation Factors | Oil Price 2021 | Oil is one of the important strategic energy to guarantee the development of modern industry and economy, and is also an important resource, which is scrambled by each interest group in the world. Oil price fluctuation is always regarded as the barometer of worldwide economy, whose each change would be the hot issue to be concerned and discussed generally in political and economic circle in every country. To the basic factors that decide the international oil price, some experts believe it lies mainly in the supply and demand. But behind the international oil price fluctuation existed not only the constantly self-adjust between supply and demand on the world crude oil market, but also the strength competition between nations, for this reason caused the diversity and complexity of the factors, which affected the international oil price fluctuation.

Based on this, we are going to present comprehensively main factors which determine the international oil price fluctuation. So you know what to expect when the seasons change or if tension builds between major oil-producing countries.

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