Disinfection Services: COVID-19 Edition

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If the COVID-19 pandemic has done one thing, other than throw most of the world into chaos, it has been to highlight the importance of our hygiene practices. With modern vaccines, medicine, and a healthy immune system, it is very easy to not think about how many germs move around us in our daily lives. Someone spitting a bit when they talk is just a bit rude instead of possibly deadly. A stairway railing that someone else touched two minutes ago seemed harmless to use before, but now it’s a lot less certain.

It’s a good reminder that things as simple as washing our hands regularly are our first line of defence against illnesses. But as a business, there are professional cleaning services available that can help you provide a safe environment for your staff and customers.

Step Up Your Cleaning Regimens

Your daytime staff and any custodial staff should be aware of additional sanitizing of high-touch or communal areas regularly during their shifts. Ensure that any employees exhibiting symptoms stay home, and encourage testing for anyone who may have had contact with positive cases.

It may also be beneficial to call a local commercial cleaning service and consider adding a regular disinfection service to your workplace until we have this virus fully under control. Call in for an estimate and description of their services. Most chemicals that are used for non-industrial cleaning don’t contain poisons, chlorine, or carcinogens, and some dissipate on their own with no residue, so they can be used with minimal worry and minimal disruption to your workplace.

Exposure Risk or Infection Control

If your workplace experiences a possible transmission risk or a confirmed infection, there are steps to be taken. Contact your local health authorities as soon as possible and report the danger; follow any safety steps they give you and your staff regarding quarantines and building occupancy. But then call in the professionals.

A full disinfecting crew will usually begin by going through the full area with a spray gun, applying disinfectant to all large items, like walls, flooring, and furniture. Depending on the situation, the team will possibly identify personal or high-touch items that any infected persons may have been in contact with and will remove them from your site in a biohazard bag for disposal. This reduces the possibility of virus particles that are still active sitting in deep in crevices where they may be able to resurface when people return to work.

The crew will then adopt a more focused approach, zeroing in on problem areas, such as keyboards and computers, drawers, desk spaces, and any other personal items. They also make a point to get into the hard-to-reach spaces. Again, this is to reduce the future risk of surviving virus bacteria becoming a problem. All of these areas will be scrubbed with micro-bacterial cloths to make your space safe again for you and your staff!


Not that many of us think about our trash once we throw it away, but this is one more benefit of bringing in the pros. In addition to the crews using their own PPE gear to protect themselves, they also treat any waste or infected items, like medical waste, and use hospital-grade protocols for both removal from site and disposal so that you can be as sure as possible that your site is clean.

COVID-19 is a very contagious problem that is everyone’s responsibility to handle properly. Preserving public health and our healthcare system depends on us all doing our own partHealth Fitness Articles, but not all of us are equipped for the big jobs that are a bit beyond the realm of personal responsibility. Whatever the size of your job. disinfection services are there to help you make sure that your building is a safe and healthy place to do business in again.