Is my computer infected by virus?

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Virus one of the serious threats to computer, and may bring
out the most hazardous situation to your computer and your life’s. So here I
provided you all with some symptoms that I have come across and observe in these
years of working on computers.

Well! We all know what is virus or malwares? They are
programs which will either corrupt, infects, replicates and brings along a big
catastrophe to your computer and your life. Some of them replicates them self,
and start occupying your computer hard drive space where as some other can corrupt
your files, important programs and make your computer unstable. And few of them
will attempt your email to distribute the malicious programs to other computer
as well. So there is a possibility of computer being getting hacked. No one I
guess, ever wants that his/her computer get infected by virus or any of the

And that’s why I would recommend all users of computer for computer maintenance and practice a safe computer
habits.  Get a reliable computer
antivirus, which will protect your computer and all important files and
programs stored on your computer hard drive. Most of the time one’s computer
gets infected by virus, because your antivirus is outdated. You can easily save
your self from all the malicious programs with your own little efforts toward
computer safety.

But then also question arises in one’s mind: How to know
whether a computer is infected or not?

Here I will provide you with the symptoms of virus infection
on your computer. If you face this kind of problems, it means that your
computer is infected. Following are the symptoms, which is caused by the
malware or virus or worm attack:

If your computer has become unstable, it means some
malware has infected your computer and will play fool with all important files
required to operate and run your computer stably. It may cause your computer to
crash down often.

If your computer is running very slow, it may also
mean’s that your computer has got some kind of malware threat and is trying to
use the computer processing resources. Even you may not be using a heavy
applications but your computer will start to work slow.

Even sometime you can get strange messages that you
can’t access come specific folder, files, or drive or even you cannot run some
programs. It simply mean, something wrong going on your computer and has been
infected by some kind of malwares or threats.

Sometime the files size gets fluctuated, although your
not making any tempering with those files, it means your computer is having
conflicts with some virus or malware.

And finally, while trying to access the menu tab, if
you are finding some changes or getting distortedHealth Fitness Articles, then you might be the victim
of malware or virus attack.

But let me make you clear I considered here that you have got
an antivirus and your antivirus is unable to detect them. As sometimes computer
issue might have occurred because of some critical errors occurred on your
computer or because of some driver being getting corrupted at that point the
best resolution is to go for the windows repair
by inserting your windows CD.