Setting Prices For Designing Services

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If you are looking at hiring a professional designer for
your color printing ad for example, or if you are a designer yourself, how
would you set the price for the color printing design service rendered?


You have to remember that you get what you pay for. As a
designer, you are offering your clients something special. Your skill is the
most important reason why they hire you. That is why it is not unusual that you
should be able to set a price to it. If you undervalue your price, you are also
giving your skill less value. Consumers are relatively willing to pay for your
service. It does not matter how much, as long as you get the job done. Believe
me, they will be willing to pay for it.


So how much is appropriate? How much should your charge a
client? You would want probably to get fully compensated for your skill and
experience, and yet affordable, enough to attract clients to your service.


When do you tell your prospect your rates and fees? When
should you convey your service costs? Right away, during the initial call or
conversation? Or should you wait after you have gotten enough information to
help you provide the most precise quotation.


Most graphic designers are hesitant to give their fee range
right away for fear that they will turn their potential clients off. The price
may not be within the prospect’s budget range that they are afraid to lose the
opportunity to convince them of their worth.


But the thing isFind Article, you will be able to avoid getting
disappointed later on when you have done everything only to find out that your
client has only this amount for his or her budget. Not to mention that putting
your fee range forward at first contact can save you both the time and energy
of going through the process of coming up with a great design for your color
printing ad.


One way to do this is to provide an initial offer on each of
your services. Your customers will appreciate that they will be able to know at
first how much your range will be. But emphasize that this is only an initial
offer. You will have to provide an accurate quote later when you have seen and
evaluated the details of the project.


One graphic designer tells outright of her design fees. If
your budget is below that range then you are better off looking for another
designer because she would not even entertain queries below her rate. She even
had several options where you can choose your project according to the budget
range provided.