German Universities to Offer Financial Support to Students Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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Due to the lockdown restrictions put in place as a way to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, students have reported greater financial hardships. This largely comes due to many students relying on the money they make from part-time jobs they work while at university. When business operations became severely restricted, very few students were able to continue working, which in turn meant that they were no longer able to pay for their tuition. Thankfully, the German government has decided to provide financial support to help students who might find themselves facing financial challenges.

According to the Federal Government, both academics who are in the qualification phase that leads up to a doctoral degree, as well as the recipients of student loans will be eligible for financial support. The news has been met with a great deal of excitement and receptivity, with the government allowing students to work during the COVID-19 pandemic as an additional means to supplement their income.

According to a study conducted by Ernst & Young, many students in Germany have expressed concerns that they will be unable to work to pay for their university tuition. The financial aid that has been offered will be provided for as long as the lockdown restrictions are in effect, and students who do manage to get a job during the pandemic will still be eligible to claim financial support.