ZLOB – The trojan virus

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What is Zlob?Zlob is a virus of Trojan horse which attacks your systems as Active X. Once these Trojans get installed it shows some adds of pop ups.  The ads which these Trojans show will be same as that of warning popup of windows. Later the user will also be informed that his system has been spyware infected. On clicking at the ads of these popup some pirated programs of anti-spyware gets automatically downloaded for ex: MS Antivirus, Virus heat etc. The Trojan horse will be well hided in this stuff which you download. Discovery:It was discovered for the first time on 23rd of April in the year 2005. It was updated for the first time on 1st of June in the year 2006. From the mid of the year 2006 it was highlighted.From which sites the Zlob attacks?It is mainly found in some sites for messaging and gaming. In messaging some sites to be specially mentioned are Yahoo messenger, AOL instant messenger, Windows live messenger etc. In gaming the games to play online mainly War craft, Call to Arms, Counter Strike etc hides this Trojan. A firm of computer security called F secure have discovered about 32 different types of Zlob Trojans. Some of these types are: rogue DNS, DNS changer etc. This process is till going on for the discovery of some more of them. The make attempts in hacking the routers for changing the settings of DNS. Hence it results in potential rerouting in trafficking of some illegal websites. These viruses also have links in downloading the instalments of anti virus exe. Automatic shutdown and automatic restarts is one of its main symptoms. When the file called ‘zlberkfer.exe’ is attempted to run it results in this symptom. Some sites offer videos to watch freely online. Clicking on these videos it asks to download the illegal codec of Active X. This results in difficulties to close the browser in a usual way. The java cab which offers the free scanning will also freely offer you this virus. How to prevent the attacking of this Trojan?1.    First of all the important measure is not to log into illegal websites.2.    Be aware when you are chatting on super fast messengers.3.    Don’t download anything from websites which shows you pop ups ads.4.    Be careful when you are playing online games.5.    Please do not download illegal anti spyware software which is mentioned to be available freely.6.    Do not choose the ads which show you illegal winning offers. How to easy remove this Trojan if attacked?It also involves the same steps involved in other Trojans. These Trojan only attacks the computers but fails in attacking its own files. Hence it is easy to identify these files and soon they have to be removed. Some Trojans changes the starting up system. Hence if it is ignored it will turn out to be highly dangerous. The removal tools of Malware and some antivirus software are the best option to go with for removal of these viruses.There are some proofs that the Trojan Zlob is a tool originated in Russia.    Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

Zlob is a dangerous trojan. Learn hot to protect your system from Zlob.