Trump fan hangs up after being asked a tough question by James O'Brien | LBC

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Trump fan hangs up after being asked a tough question by James O'Brien | LBC

This is the agonising moment a Donald Trump supporter hung up on James O’Brien after he couldn’t answer one question about the former President.

With just hours to go of the Donald Trump presidency, James O’Brien opened the phone lines to speak to listeners who wanted to defend the President.

The call started with Steven from Islington who said he was a “fan of Trump” who asserted there was a lot in the media which were lies about the President.

Steven and James went back and forth for a while over comments made by Trump, including the outgoing president’s stance on Barak Obama not being born in America.

“There have been previous presidents that have actually white that have also been accused of not being born in America, is that racist?” Steven asked.

James said it was not, but asked the caller to clarify who he was talking about.

The caller did not have his ducks in a row, he told James he had “forgotten the names…”

James then spent some time pointing out to the caller things which had been said and welcoming him to rebuff them.

Which Steven did not seem to be able to do.

When James asked the caller what he likes about Trump the call went even further downhill.”

“I think he spoke a lot of the truth on stuff,” Steven said.

James shot back asking “yeah, what stuff?”

*Click* rather than answering the question the caller simply hung up.

“Steven’s hung up…” James said.
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