Coronavirus: The conspiracy theories spreading fake news – BBC Newsnight

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Coronavirus: The conspiracy theories spreading fake news – BBC Newsnight

From a secret plan to stop Brexit, to a virus engineered to control population, the conspiracies surrounding the coronavirus have been spreading fast on social media.
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Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube have all seen a host of misinformation being spread on their platform, with fake news sources amassing over 50 million engagements.

Facebook, which has over 2 billion accounts worldwide, has announced that it’s busy removing false claims from its site and will promote the guidance of the World Health organisation.

Despite this push from FB, online analytics show that in the UK the NHS website is still seeing fewer engagements than fake news sources from the US.

Katie Razzall is joined by Anna-Sophie Harling from NewsGuard, an online browser extension that reports on digital misinformation, and Victoria Baine a former Facebook Trust and Safety Manager to discuss what needs to be done to protect ourselves from digital misinformation.

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